Spiritual Services:


As a Ritualist and West African Orisa priest, various types of readings are primary for communicating with the divine on behalf of my clients. Scheduling readings are an opportunity to gain specific clarity about what is needed to support your spirit at this time. Types of readings available are:

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

Ancestral Intuitive Readings

Ancestral Intuitive Readings with Obi Divination

Eerindinlogun Divination: In the Orisa/Ifa tradition 16 shell cowrie divination is used to allow the Orisa to support your life and continue to keep the roads open to your destiny. Eerindinlogun requires a second appointment of an ebo or offering to be completed as follow up to the reading. Divination is recommended at least twice a year.


Spiritual Bath Rituals

Home/Business Cleansing

Head [Ori] Ceremony: In the Yoruba tradition the ori is our physical and spiritual head. Keeping our head clear puts both our mind at ease and keeps us on the path of our destiny. Ori cleansings serve to elevate and center the energy of your own spirit. This service is a ritual cleansing and ceremony including offerings.

Spiritual Coaching

I offer one on one coaching and consultation for people journeying to walk more closely with their own spirits, especially when navigating their sexual freedom. Spiritual Coaching sessions are 45 minutes. This service is also offered in sets of 3, 5, or 7 personalized coaching packages. This service or package is available with the add-on option of prepared custom rituals.



Having been studying and speaking about sexuality since my days at Spelman College, I offer lecture and speaking series that explore the connections of Spirituality and Sexuality, Queer Theories and Womanist Methodologies on Sexualities.


My greatest honor is to stand behind the sacred

desk and preach the Gospel!

Workshop Facilitation

I use a workshop facilitation method that engage attendees in the experience of the academic material and their spirit in the work. Workshops examples include Ancestral Connection, Southern Baptist Sex Positivity and Being Ifa and Christian.

Spiritual Health Group Services:

Spiritual Health, Healing and Wellness is an essential component of any group dynamic and in work environments. Attending to our spiritual wellness supports effectiveness, efficacy and maintains an environment that is maximized for everyone. Customized to meet the needs of the business or group, I offer a range of options to support the corporate needs of your institution or group. Schedule a type of Spiritual Health service for an event, conference or to hold sacred space when intervention is needed.

Spiritual Health packages or contracts are also ideal for Businesses, Churches and Groups and require consultation for customization of the needed services, combination and cadence. Example options include:

  • Rituals (one time or a series)
  • Retreats (one or multiple days)
  • Consultation Contract (three or more custom offerings)

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